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It Feels Good To Be Baaaack!

Hey y'all, Hey!

So let me start by saying I am extremely excited about the official launch of my Motherhood| Lifestyle blog. Many of you followed when I was a single natural hair blogger and wow, life has changed drastically since those days. I've gotten married, had a baby, cut all of my hair off, dyed it blonde and don't see myself growing it back. I'm excited to introduce my blog

2 years ago I said I didn't want to blog about motherhood. I enjoyed sharing my journey with you guys on my Instagram stories but as my platform grew I realized I needed to go back to a space that I OWNED! My original thoughts and plans were to launch this space on Micah's Birthday 5/26 because he's the reason I became a momma, the reason I have so much to share, the reason behind my purpose and passion for all things MOTHERHOOD! But well, between Realestate school (We will talk about that in another post) and getting sick (which I thought was the Rona) I was tired, I got discouraged, fell behind and well it didn't happen. But here we are a month later and READY TO LAUNCH! Here are a few things to look forward to on the blog.

First, My HONEST motherhood journey! It's so important to me to show the real and unfiltered moments of being a mom. With so much FLUFF on the internet and everyone doing it for the gram i've dedicated my blog and instagram to being honest with my readers, especially my mom and mom-to-be readers. I'm NOT a perfect mom. Micah J. thinks I am, and that is GREAT :) But honestly there are so many area's I'm just not good at and that's where my husband, my partner, helpmate, the ultimate team player and the real MVP comes in. Whew, I get chocked up thinking about how he's picks up where I lack! I have a full village of folks I can call on and I'm grateful for that. I don't wake up looking like a bag of money, nor is my house spotless. I'm late to most of our appointments and my anxiety was real! THIS IS HONEST MOTHERHOOD! I don't want to be seen as perfect I want moms to know motherhood is beautiful, I make it look easy but it's not always pretty.

Second, Marriage! My Husband and I have been together over 10years, Married 4 this November. We've been through a lot together. We are each other's biggest supporters.Here I'll share how we are intentional in our relationship, how we keep it spicy, our journey to another baby (He's rolling his eyes reading this), how our upbringing shaped our marriage and so much more.

Lastly, All things Austin Lifestyle. Travel stories, fashion, my love for social media, building our businesses, products we love and how we navigate our daily lives. I'm just so excited to own a space and share my love for my family and life again. If you aren't already following on INSTA, Let's connect. Follow me here and my husband here!

Chat soon,

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